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Let's Shine Bright Together!

A very warm welcome everyone! My name is Sandra and I am a Lightworker who goes by the name World Illuminator 11I have been called into mission by the Divine to help spread light in individuals and in the world through positive feelings, emotions and acts of unconditional love, compassion, harmony and kindness for example so to maintain a balance in this world that we live in today which is currently full of negativity, manipulation, density and darkness. Embark with me on this beautiful journey of positivity and let us shine and help to brighten up the world for ourselves, our children, the animals and the environment. As humans we are all equal. We are spiritual beings in physical form who all deserve to live lives that are filled with light instead of darkness as does our environment. My duty is to pass on my light and help to illuminate the world so we all move towards a world of positivity. We can do this! I have faith in humanity and in our future.

Sending love, peace, positivity and light!

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