Change in Direction

Since beginning my blog at the start of January 2020, I have published 14 posts…how time has flown! It has always been my great pleasure to write general posts in relation to my journey, things going in the world, on our planet, love, positivity and other topics. However, after a year of doing so it is now time for me to change direction so that I can focus on a particular area that is of great interest to me. I wanted to write a quick post to all who have subscribed to say that I will no longer be publishing monthly posts and emailing them over because of this change in direction. The blog site will still be here and the already published posts will be there for anyone to read. I will also occasionally write a post and send it out via email as I have always done and share it on social media as well. This will not be for a while though whilst I get myself stuck in my new direction and it will also be occasional. I need to focus on growing one particular area, which needs all my energy, attention and free time.

I also wanted to say thank you for reading my posts! It has been great to be able to share my journey with you through my writing and what a year it has been; so much growth, so much change. On the world stage, there will be more changes in the years to come, which is very exciting but only if you are choosing to be in a place of love and not fear.

To end this post, I just wanted to say that the key to freeing oneself from the shackles of fear is to focus on love in everything that one does. Love is the answer to all things. Focusing on love, raising one’s consciousness, getting out of one’s comfort zone, not believing everything that one is told by the media, being open minded and not keeping oneself stuck in the things one has been made to believe to be the truth for ages is of essence now more than ever.

Society has also always focused so much on the external world and discouraged people from focusing on their internal world as a way of stopping them from realising their true inner power so to keep them controlled in all sorts of ways. Your life happens inside of you not on the outside. You attract your outside experiences from the vibrations that you send out due to what is going on in your internal world. The more people move towards love and work on their inner world to gain peace within, the more love and peace will be reflected in the outside world. When people learn to truly love themselves and accept themselves as they are then they can fill up their own cup of love and when that cup overflows then they can be able to properly give love to others and to the world which will then result in the spreading of love and the other positive states of being such as peace, joy, freedom, prosperity and success.

Be love, spread love, stay positive, be kind and always remember that we all come from a place of love and we are all on a sacred destiny back to this place of unconditional love from which we originate.

Until you see World Illuminator 11 Blog Post popping up in your inbox again.

Love, Peace, Positivity and Light.