New Beginnings

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Towards the end of January this year, I wrote my first ever blog post, World Illuminator 11 and felt very excited as I clicked publish for the first time yet I was unsure of where I was going with it, where my new life journey was taking me, who I was becoming, how I would get there and what it all really meant. However, deep within I somehow knew that I was getting on board the train to somewhere special as I began my spiritual journey. As it turns out, beginning this journey has without a doubt been the most personally rewarding and educational experience of my life to date yet it also has its challenges. For example, I am still to figure out answers to important questions in relation to my life but I know for sure that I have never known who I am as much as I do now (with lots more still to discover about myself!) or felt happier about myself and the direction in which my life is going as it very steadily moves me towards unconditional love, inner peace, never ending joy, freedom, success, and prosperity. One step at a time of course as life is never a race but a marathon.

The very tough to put into practice yet beautiful aspect of the spiritual journey lies in the surrendering, trusting, having faith, believing and knowing that I am being led in the right direction rather than the usual struggle of my life past where I tried to control everything thinking I knew it all. The best thing is that 2020 is only the beginning meaning that bigger and better things are to come. So frankly speaking I cannot contain my anticipation and excitement at all the magic that lies ahead for me on this journey. I have seen some magic happen already this 2020 for which I am truly grateful. This is also not to say I have not faced challenges this year, oh I have!

Now at the end of December, as I write my final blog post of 2020, I look back at my own personal journey this year and find that some of the words that come to mind as I try to describe my year are lessons, growth, expansion, magic, in awe, acceptance, peace, love, joy, inner union, connection, authenticity, self-love, service, mission and personal fulfilment. I know that some of these words may not be quite the words that many would use to describe 2020 but for me on a personal level, they certainly are.

2020 will be remembered by everyone on the planet as the year during which coronavirus came in and changed life as we have known it unless of course one has been living under a rock the whole year or is unaware due to age or illness. Those who are too young to know or are yet to be born will get to know all about 2020. Undoubtedly true as it is that the virus has changed life as we know it, there are also other underlying causes for the changes that we have been seeing on our planet this year that I have discussed at some length in a few of my previous posts. In summary, the basis of the changes that we have been seeing and truth of the matter is that our planet is going through ascension. Humanity is also ascending including you, whether you realise it or not and there is no going back to life as we have previously known it. How far you personally go on your ascension journey in this lifetime is entirely up to you. We all have free will.

Generally speaking, ascension is known as "the act or process of moving or rising up especially to a higher or more powerful position" (, which in this case is awakening to higher consciousness. Higher consciousness that is the 'more powerful position' of spirit, the place from which we all originate, the Higher Self and love as opposed to the lower self, ego and fear that we all learned from socialisation and conditioning.

We are all children of the cosmos meaning that everything that happens within our Universe relating to planetary changes affects us. As Earth goes through ascension, it is inevitable that all inhabitants of the planet, the way things are done, life itself and everything about the planet all also change and rise to a higher 'more powerful position'. The changes that are happening on and have been felt by all on a global scale this 2020 are at their core orchestrated by a power bigger than us as humanity to help ensure that we leave behind the pain and suffering that our planet, its people and the environment have endured for centuries and move more towards love, peace, prosperity, equality and success for all not just for certain people at the expense of others as has been the case for way too long now.

With the most potent day of this year having been and gone, the Winter Solstice, 21st December 2020, which had the Great Conjunction happen "a very rare alignment" (Tanaaz, The Cosmic and Spiritual Significance of December 21, 2020) that took place between Jupiter and Saturn at zero degrees Aquarius, we have now officially moved from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. At zero degrees Aquarius, a more powerful than usual energetic portal of "infinite potential" and "limitless possibilities" (Tanaaz) opened up for us and for our planet, a portal that is helping us move into New Beginnings after over 2,000 years of the Piscean Age.

These new beginnings are calling for some changes in us including; firstly, releasing the distorted masculine and feminine energies that we have embodied for centuries so we can rise into the balanced Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies both on an individual and a collective level. Secondly, for moving away from operating from a place of ego, fear, negativity and darkness and more into operating from a place of love, positivity, togetherness and light. Thirdly, for a life based on love and joy in the 5D as the 3D world that we have known inevitably continues to crumble right before our eyes as we move into 2021 and the years to come.

2020 has been laying the foundation for all the bigger changes that are coming in for our planet. Changes that will lead to a better life for all in the not-so-distant future but for us to get there, as humanity we need to change our ways. 2020 has without a doubt also been a year of lessons for us both on an individual and a collective level. As Mother Gaia and the Universe/Creator are sending out the message that enough is enough, we are having to deal with quite a lot of in-your-face lessons to help break many habits that have been ingrained in us for centuries dating back to our ancestors. Only to mention a few:

Lessons in relation to how we as humanity have handled ourselves, our environment and our fellow inhabitants of this planet.
Lessons on how we need to re-evaluate life as we have known it for decades, ways of doing things and make a change not only for ourselves but also for our children, their children and generations to come.
Lessons on how we as humanity have been manipulated for centuries and how we have manipulated others on a personal and a collective level.
Lessons on how we need to change our outlook on life and move away from years of conditioning that put focus and importance on things and everything outside of us and move back to putting the focus where it should be, inwards.
Lessons on love, how instead of only searching for love from another person we need to learn to love ourselves first by filling our own cup of love from within and then letting that love overflow so to then be able to spread that love onto others. Without self-love we walk around in search of love from the outside hoping that another will fill our cup but the truth of the matter is nobody else can do that for us if we do not love ourselves.
Lessons on how important it is to move away from ego with its idea of separation, greed for things such as wealth, power, the need to control etc and move more towards love, equality, togetherness and compassion so to create a better world.
Lessons on how we ought to be grateful for what we have even if it is just life itself rather than always be complaining and focusing on lack. 

2020 has indeed been a year of lessons because as souls we are all here in this school of life that is Earth to learn lessons, every single one of us! Whether one comes out of 2020 having learnt any lessons is each individual’s choice and soul's path. "For those who seized the opportunity, 2020 has been a gift to have time to yourself, to realise, to grow, to rise" (Amjad Abedi, 30/12/2020). I came across this quote after I had written my post and had to edit the post and include it because this is exactly how I feel about 2020. If you seized the opportunity as well then I say to you 'We have risen during this 2020 like the phoenix rising from the flames.'

The foundation of the big changes that are happening on our planet has been laid by 2020, felt by all globally and will not simply go away in 2021. This foundation is paving a path for us to follow. A path that is not necessarily easy and straightforward and one that will also take time and effort from each individual so to get to the much desired final destination of never ending joy, freedom, equality, peace, success and prosperity for all but a path nonetheless that leads to a better future. On a global scale, this path that has been paved by 2020 is leading us into New Beginnings as we move into the new beginnings of 2021 and the years to come. New Beginnings of what will eventually be heaven on earth for all.

Happy New Year and Happy Bright New Beginnings!