Soul Growth

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

As I sit here in the early hours of the morning on the last day of January writing my first blog post of 2021, I remember that back in May last year I wrote a post entitled Dragonfly in which I talked about my two encounters with dragonflies about three weeks before the start of my spiritual journey at the beginning of 2020. I had not seen dragonflies in person before then, at least not that I remember anyway. I then later found out that a dragonfly symbolises change and transformation. However, at the time of these encounters I had no clue that seeing those dragonflies was symbolic of something significant in my life. It was only a few months later into my spiritual journey that I began having aha moments as everything slowly started to make sense. As it turned out throughout the whole of the summer in 2020, I then kept seeing dragonflies everywhere as they signified my ongoing transformation including the one below that came and landed right by where I was and did not move for a while as it patiently waited for me to get very close to take a few photos.

It is a bit over a year now since I began my spiritual journey and I truly feel that I have grown from the rather lost soul that was just plodding along with life not quite knowing who I was or what many things really meant to a soul that is finding its way and is thankfully not lost anymore. I am now someone who understands the deeper meaning of life, is so fascinated by it and is also continuously growing more and more every day. From the point of my seeing the dragonflies until today, I can only describe myself as two things; a snake that has been continuously shedding off its skin and a caterpillar in a cocoon that then changed and radically transformed itself into a beautiful butterfly that is now positively and peacefully flying around learning all sorts of things along its journey. A butterfly that is constantly amazed by the beauty of the world in which it flies. As I continue to grow and learn, I also feel my soul leaping with joy more and more as the days go by.

The soul is the essence of who we are. It is "the non-physical part" of us, the "principle of life" which is the "seat of our emotions and character" (The Master Philosopher, The Art of Spiritual Mastery). The soul is in itself a "distinct entity" ( that exists within us and is separate from our bodies. Our body vessels house and carry our spirit and soul, the spiritual part of us which is what makes us spiritual beings who are here on Earth having a human experience in the body vessel. The soul lives on and has a continuous journey whilst the body only exists here on Earth which is why the body becomes lifeless upon passing over and is left here on Earth because that is the only place that it exists whilst the soul goes on to continue its journey.

The soul comes here on Earth for soul growth and development as well as to evolve, which are all gained from the lessons that we learn throughout our lives here on Earth. Earth itself is the densest and most difficult place to learn lessons yet the most rewarding as well when it comes to soul growth and evolvement. This is why we tend to face all sorts of challenges and change in our lives however; the soul craves change which leads to growth because that is what it came here to do.

Where there is stagnation and no soul growth and evolvement, the soul feels trapped and lost in the body. I certainly have been seeing a change in myself with this because my soul has been feeling more joyful each day in the past year because I have been going through change and transformation. This is why it is essential that we do things that involve; getting out of our comfort zone so to bring positive change into our lives, doing things that are meaningful with our lives, bringing adventure into our lives and following our heart’s desires. On the other hand it also helps to understand challenges for what they truly are; life lessons to help us grow. As Ann Mortifee said "ease and pleasure do not prod us on to evolve. It is our frustrations and sorrows that, like the grit in the oyster, fashion the pearl of becoming." (Carol Millar, Soul Lessons-A Choice of Each Lifetime). In other words, when everything in life is easy and going well, there is nothing much going on to help the soul evolve but when we face challenges then the soul learns and grows.

Another interesting part of it all for me is that as souls before coming here on Earth, we all took a pick and chose to come down and learn the particular lessons that we face in our lives. Now this can be a bit unsettling for you from a 'human' point of view when you think of some of the things that you have gone through or are going through in your life but let it be known to you today that you chose to come down to Earth to "learn through pre-planned life experiences" (Carol Millar, Soul Lessons-A Choice of Each Lifetime) so you that you can continue to grow as a soul.

What I have been finding is that one tends to view life in a different way when they begin to understand this. It does not mean it makes the challenging lessons that one goes through easy but it helps to explain why we go through some of the things that we go through in life. When completely understood from a spiritual perspective, it also helps to change the victim mentality mindset that many of us have adopted when it comes to how things unfold in our lives. It is also important to note at this point that even things that people may see as mistakes that they have made in life are in fact lessons that lead to soul growth as long as the individual learns from the lessons.

So next time you are going through something remember that as a soul before you came down to Earth you really felt that you had superpowers or that you were superwoman/superman who could deal with anything and you excitedly went bring it on as you agreed to take on the lesson of whatever it is that you may be going through! On a serious note though, the thing is as individuals we always tend to get through the tough times in life, no matter how difficult they may be. This is because of three things; we are never given lessons that we cannot handle, we are way tougher than we think we are and we definitely have some super powers within us . Whatever challenges you face in life, they help you to grow and become a stronger and wiser individual and they also help your soul to evolve.

As part of our soul growth and evolvement as humanity right now on planet Earth, we are all going through a time of huge significant changes. Rather than resist the changes, this is the time to embrace change because our souls crave it. Our planet, the environment and us as a people have been through a great deal for a long time with so much fear, suffering, inequality, poverty, and pain for many at the hands of a minority. Changes that are orchestrated by a power bigger than us and that will lead to a better future are happening on our planet right now. It may not be obvious to many but they are helping us grow and evolve and move more into a place of love, togetherness and equality. Generally speaking we are in the process of learning many lessons and our souls are growing.

On a personal note I am very happy that I began my spiritual journey because it is helping me to connect with my soul as I get to know who I truly am. I am also learning to see the lessons that I come across in my life from a completely different perspective and instead of being in this place of negativity, I have become grateful for the lessons that I learn because they are teaching me a great deal about myself and helping me to grow and become wiser. They are also resulting in my soul growing and evolving which in turn makes my soul content.